This lovely area, situated virtually halfway between the Rhein and the Mosel, is often called "the tasting-room of Germany", since it combines the best characteristics of both areas in its wines, displaying the fruity, racy taste of the Rheingau or Rheinpfalz with the lively, pithy aroma of the Mosel. It is an area whose wines are seen all too rarely in this country: they very seldom appear on off-licence or supermarket shelves; their main outlet in this country is through the door-to-door salesmen of the largest German-based direct-sales company and its subsidiaries, whose name we had better not mention - suffice it to say that we sell Auslese for about the same price as they sell QbA wines!

We have been exceptionally well-served by the two small family-run wineries we have been fortunate enough to discover in this area:

  • Weingut Pleitz - Rotenfelser Hof   Pleitz
  • Weingut Karlheinz Keber & Sohn   Keber


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